Interview Tips

The right mindset

Interviews can be daunting, no matter how confident you are. Remember that the client is trying to find the best candidate to undertake their role - try to use the interview to convince them that this person is you!

Any interview is a two way meeting, so use the time to find about the role and the company, and let the client know how your experience and capability fits their requirements.

Before the Interview

The Interview

And finally………Good Luck!

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Interview Checklist

  • Be Prepared!
    • Copy of CV
    • Documentation from projects / program examples
  • Research!
    • Client
    • Role
    • Market Sector
  • Your Questions?
    • About Company
    • About role
    • About career progression
  • Appearance
    • Look smart and well groomed!
  • Location
  • Sell yourself!