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Finding Permanent Staff

Finding New Staff:

Recruiting new staff  can have a hugely positive impact on your business but a poor appointment can have a huge cost and so it’s important that the process works well, however, unless you have full time recruitment staff, you or your staff will not have day to day experience of it.  To ensure a streamlined process resulting in the best possible appointment we would recommend the involvement of a specialist recruitment partner.

Specifying Your Requirements

You have made the decision to recruit in order to add value to your business so its important to identify the attributes, capabilities, qualifications and experience that a recruit would need to have if they are to maximise the added value.  That person might not exist and so it is important to prioritise these requirements and clarify the essential, desirable and nice to have qualities.  You also need to be clear on the constraints e.g. salary constraint in relation to existing employees, normal working time arrangements, pension arrangements, holiday entitlements and company bonuses or perks currently offered.  The importance of this stage cannot be underestimated.  Some companies feel that their requirement is so urgent that they don’t want to spend time producing a specification and just want to see candidates based on little more than a job title which means that they receive lots of applications which their staff need to review and select candidates for interview.  It is much better to give a precise specification to your recruitment partner or discuss the requirement fully with your recruitment partner and they can help you produce the detailed spec, so that they can do most of the work with staff who are skilled in search and selection and you will be presented with a shortlist of two or three candidates who will fit the bill, who understand your business and are keen to work for you. For certain newer skills and those very much in demand, there may only be one available candidate who fits your requirement and we have often shortlisted only one candidate who has gone on to start with that recruiting company. Better that than 10 CVs for candidates who aren’t relevant or interested in your role.

Analysing Salary and Benefits Offered In The Job Market

Its often hard to know what a competitive salary would be for your vacancy in your area but a recruitment partner can help with this, having experience of what job seekers are looking for and what employers are prepared to pay.  This can help to pare down the requirements to balance the salary range that you have in mind with the salary expectations of job seekers with the qualities that you are looking for.

Search and Selection

To get the right person you need to ensure that you search is looking in the right places and that your selection looks beyond the CVs which may refer to different business practices and use different terminology. Working with a partner for whom recruitment in your industry is a specialism can provide reassurance that they have recruited similar roles in the past, they know where to look for candidates and they can see past the presentation style and terminology used in CVs.  But not just any recruitment specialist will do.  We communicate with your recruiting teams, research and analyse, to get to know your business culture, the way that you work and your expectations of the new recruit to ensure that we shortlist people who would thrive in your business environment.

A Specialist Partner

We specialise in providing contract resourse and permanent IT staff from Developers and IT Support staff to Business Analysts, Project Managers, Architects and Development Managers.  But beyond that we will always strive to work with you as a partner not just a supplier.  Your success and growth provides opportunities for us and so we want to provide you with the best people to move your company forward.

Our partnership approach is designed to help you to think of us as an extension of your team, providing you with additional recruitment expertise.

If you have a vacancy we will advertise, search our database and other resources, interview and provide a shortlist of relevant candidates interested in your role. These will be the candidates with the best fit to the job role, your technical environment, your location and your culture.

Our rates are cost effective and transparent.

The Cost Of A Poor Hire Can Be Huge

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) suggest that a poor hiring decision can cost much more than inconvenience:

  • wasted salary costs,
  • wasted training costs,
  • recruiting and training another employee,
  • lost productivity of new employee and
  • lost productivity of their team
  • and increased staff turnover.

In the example given by REC of a poor hire of a mid level manager at a salary of £42,000, they estimate that the total cost is about £132,000 despite the employee leaving after 6-7 months.