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Services to Employers

Services To Employers

IT Recruitment Solutions

People Connectors provide recruitment solutions for permanent IT staff and contract IT resource. We understand that recruitment is not your core business and our solutions are designed to make the best use of your time. Working to pre-arranged service levels, we aim to provide you with a selection of suitable candidates based on the job specifications that we will have agreed with you, normally a shortlist of no more than 4 candidates for each role. Candidates will be well briefed on your company and the role and will fit the criteria that you have given us.  Each candidate will have been interviewed by a consultant before we send their CV to you.

To attract and filter the candidates who will best fit into your business we need to understand your company environment and where your business is going.  It goes without saying that we need to thoroughly understand each vacancy specification and the relevant benefits package, but we also find understanding the wider aspects of your technical and professional environment as well as the opportunities for training are key ways to increase success in recruitment. We would expect to meet in person or virtually at a reasonable frequency at the start of, and during, any recruitment that we are involved in.


Communication throughout the recruitment process is key and in a competitive market for the best talent it is really important we have clear and detailed job specifications from you as well as ongoing communication between us throughout the process.
Regular communication will be backed up by a tailored service level agreement to suit your teams’ way of working and recruitment timescales. Thus we can ensure a successful, efficient recruitment process where all your applicants gain a good impression of your company and shortlisted applicants are managed in a way to keep them fully engaged with your company through to offer and joining your company.

Search and Selection

We utilise a number of channels for sourcing candidates appropriate to your needs. Firstly, we have an active database of quality candidates who have contacted us directly, as well as using various internet recruitment database and advertising services.  Our interviewing techniques are designed to investigate career aspirations and personal circumstances in addition to assessing the business knowledge, technical skills and/or managerial skills. We also reference permanent and contract candidates.

Recruitment Consultancy support

With our wide experience of dealing with and interviewing candidates from a broad spectrum of companies in the UK, we can offer advice on salaries/rates to attract the skills you need, as well as advice on benefits packages.  This can also include a review of your current benefits package and suggestions for ways to attract the best candidates in terms of benefits, salary, recruitment process and glassdoor reviews.

Equality and Diversity

Our belief and commitment to our robust Equality and Diversity policy ensures that our shortlisting will provide you with candidates based on their ability and experience.  We believe it should be to our own and our clients business benefit to promote diversity and equality and eliminate discrimination in the workplace.  We promote this belief within our own internal environment and as we recruit for our client’s technical teams.

Contractor Provision and Management

In addition to focusing on best practice recruitment methods, legal compliance and ensuring we supply you with the right technical resources for your projects, we also support our clients through:

  • Supporting you with consultancy, reports and contract amendments for any legal changes which affect the contractor recruitment landscape, such as the off payroll (IR35) reform coming into affect in April 2021
  • We carry out detailed documentation checks on the limited companies our contractors work through, as well as ID checks which include meeting all our contractors in person.
  • Contractor referencing.
  • Excellent contractor care throughout the supply of services means you can ensure continuity of service for your projects
  • We supply contractors working through fair, detailed and legally tight agreements which are regularly updated to reflect any statutory changes.  Our current contractor agreements have been reviewed in 2019 by the IR35 tax specialists and updated, to ensure we are using the appropriate written agreements for contractors who have been deemed to be working outside or inside of IR35.
  • Fair and transparent rates for both our clients and contractors.
  • Support in providing status determinations for services to be provided and for the contractors using those services to ensure a robust, fair and reliable determination is achieved which is less likely to be challenged by contractors or HMRC in the future.
  • Support for recruiting managers on best practice contractor management to help ensure contractors deemed in our outside of IR35 are continuing to provide services according to their status determination.

Campaign Management

We are experienced in running campaigns for large corporate clients and with our systems already in place we are able to respond  quickly to design campaigns to fit your needs. In addition to our standard level of service we are able to provide regular statistics on campaign response levels and face to face interviewing at your own site if required.

If you would like to discuss your current IT recruitment needs or discuss how we can help you in the future please contact us to arrange a meeting.